Who we are

Young intelligent and fun, that's what we people at The6.in are and so are open to the craziest of demands and the whackiest of ideas---see what makes us
" Happiness consultants" and so open to people & ideas…

We are a team of young, intelligent, fun loving and sensitive people who aim at doing interesting and fun stuff, impacting people's lives with our surprise element. We call ourselves "Happiness consultants" because most of what we do is unusual, unconventional and falls in the 'never been done before' category and so "Happiness Consultancy" is the only phrase that completely sums up what we do,
what we are and how we do.

Since everything we do is to make people happy, every moment of our engagement becomes a happy moment for us. We are a happy lot and our happiness is infectious.

The back story

Why is The6.in so good at what we do?...because we have been doing it since ages and we have done it for the fun of it.
Know our back story

What we are doing today, is not something that we chanced upon suddenly. Even as young college students we did enjoy a reputation for surprising people with our ingenuous and whacky ideas, only we never thought it would eventually become our vocation.

After college and well paying engineering careers and after pursuing someone else's dreams, we realized that we would be much better off pursuing our first love, and so we got back to formally to start The6.in—because it's much more fun this way.

who we are