How we do it

We start by understanding you first and then from there get an idea of what you want done for your loved one…we then follow the SIX approach- SURPRISE, IMPRESS AND EXPRESS. Read on to know how we manage to surprise everytime, everyone….

someone comes to us with an idea to surprise or impress their loved ones, we first try to understand what that person has in mind. When we get a fair idea of what they want from us, we proceed to understand the target- the loved one or the person they want to surprise. By understanding the both parties, we arrive at the best possible plan that not just surprises but also strikes a personal chord.

For example if a lady likes classic rock music, we make note of it, fetch someone who can actually play that music live and have him serenade the target person, while they least expect, like when on a dinner. Not only are they surprised, they are bound to be effected, cause what's playing is actually the target person's favourite music number. So we manage to both SURPRISE and IMPRESS.

To that we add the EXPRESS factor, where we do everything fast so as to clinch the moment before the chance runs out.

Typically people approaching us, fall in the following two categories—

Either they just want to do something impressive for their loved ones, with no prior fixed plan

Or they have a rough idea of what they want, but need us to build on it to make it more effective and impressive.

In either case, our involvement with every project is with a simple goal to really make the event a rollicking moment to remember.