What we do

Everybody has their own definition of happiness and so we set no limits to what we have to do to create that dose of surprise and happiness---- we do everything that we think is necessary to bring that million dollar smile on our client's face. The list of what the6.in does is endless …
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As Happiness consultants our goal is to make people happy and so we do everything that is needed to infuse this element of happiness—And since Happiness is a non quantifiable aspect, our efforts too cannot be quantified or listed, making it all the more challenging. Simply put, we do just about anything to surprise
our people and get them happy.

From a simple single offering like a personalized greeting card to an elaborate package that can include anything and everything, from customized settings, to flash mobs, to personalized live music, to custom made gift items, to even favourite destination spot arrangements…we keep our offerings open because one can
never know what surprises whom.

By knowing the likes and dislikes of the target person, we come up with custom made ideas that are sure to strike a chord. In addition to that we also have a large repository of whacky and original ideas that can always be readily implemented.

So yes, that's basically what we do--- offer happiness, through small and big surprises.

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